Benjamin Franklin, Virtualization, UC, and the Fate of the United States

Before I wrote this post, I asked my mom to draw the above picture.  I described the message I was trying to convey, what I envisioned, and 24 hours later,  I was ecstatic to see how amazingly well she captured the essence of what I was trying to explain.

There’s only one problem: I forgot to tell her whether the ship was coming or going.  I intended for the ship to be going away but if you look at the picture above, you really can’t tell. The smoke clouds seem to be trailing the ship;  however, we appear to be looking at the bow. Maybe the ship is coming along with the wind? Or maybe my mom found a picture of a real steamer that was in fact pointed in the stern and simply captured that feature?

Smash cut to 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. Benjamin Franklin, upon gazing at the back of George Washington’s chair marveled at a carving of a half sun.  “I have often looked at that picture behind the President without being able to tell whether it is a rising or a setting sun, “ Franklin proclaimed. “Now at length, I have the happiness to know that it is indeed a rising, not a setting sun.”

As the carving was open to interpretation and experience, so too may be the picture above. If you are a VAR with a virtualization practice, are you leaving Unified Communications behind? If you are a UC VAR, has your ship finally come in — a way to implement UC, Call Center, Messaging and Collaboration on a single server?

One thing is for sure, almost every enterprise is making a concerted effort to virtualize as much as they can in their data center. Are you in synch with this trend? If you are not talking about UC in the context of virtualization (and vice-versa), you may be, well.. missing the boat (which reminds me of a previous post).  When you look at this drawing in 12 months, what will you see?



About Tom Walker

Tom Walker is Business Development Manager for Catalyst Telecom, a value added distributor for Avaya, Juniper, Extreme Networks, and many others. Tom works with Integrators and Resellers to help them grow their business by leveraging the most reliable, secure and standards based convergence technologies. For more information, visit

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