The Power of Testimonials

When you provide a proposal to a customer, or ask a decision maker to have that first meeting, do you leverage the power of testimonials? Everyone will tell a customer they can execute and fulfill all their hopes and dreams, but how does the customer know if you’ve got the goods? The best sales professionals have a plethora of testimonials on Linked In (if you don’t, you’d better catch up) — why not leverage those testimonials outside of Linked In to demonstrate your credibility? There’s no reason you can’t include a testimonial in a proposal or an email – why not make the most of these kind words. Take it a step further and include a “view my profile” button your customer can click on to see a real person’s profile on Linked In.  By doing a simple <print-screen> and a little cut and paste in microsoft paint (accessories), you can include a testimonial that looks like the below:

Note, it’s a good idea to give your testimonials a “heads up”, but my guess is they won’t mind since they’ve already provided the testimonial. One of the biggest components of converting a prospect to a customer is convincing them you can execute – these testimonials serve to that end.

Good Selling


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Tom Walker is Business Development Manager for Catalyst Telecom, a value added distributor for Avaya, Juniper, Extreme Networks, and many others. Tom works with Integrators and Resellers to help them grow their business by leveraging the most reliable, secure and standards based convergence technologies. For more information, visit

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