ROWE your boat.


If you’re like me, you’re starting to get a little fatigued with all of the talk about BYOD. Most of us (including your customers) have setup a rule in our brain to automatically right-click-delete any discussion about this fast growing technology opportunity. If you’re officially BYOD’d out, I’d like to suggest you consider another four letter word which I think you’ll be hearing a lot about in the coming years. ROWE, Results Oriented Work Environment is a growing trend that has fascinating repercussions on how your customers spend their IT dollars. 
ROWE represents a shift in the relationship employers have with their employees. While, traditionally, companies got the most out of employees by having them in the office, working set hours, and measuring them by what they appear to be doing, ROWE embracing companies throw all of these old-rules out the window and measure their employees by the results they generate. This could mean flexible hours, working from home, unlimited vacation time, and many other concepts that I believe you’ll see more companies embrace to get better results from their teams. Companies that have implemented ROWE are often able to attract better talent without having to pay more money.
Do yourself a favor and google ROWE and think about the technology implications. Less real estate, more remote work environments, VPN, telework, mobility, virtual presence, collaboration, video, call accounting, cloud services and even yes, BYOD.. these are all the building blocks of a smooth running ROWE environment. A really clever VAR might start a ROWE consulting practice where you help companies determine whether ROWE makes sense for them. You could help clients develop policies, best practices and business continuity strategies. By partnering with commmercial real estate brokers and business process consultants, you could extend your reach into a very large market.
Want to start a ROWE practice? Catalyst Telecom can help, give me a call..

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